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As a ministry, we must always be conscious of the fact that people all over the world, NEED TO HEAR THE GOSPEL.

The Bible clearly states that God is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9). Jesus instructed His church to begin to reach out in Jerusalem (our local communities) then Judea (our neighbouring communities) then to all the nations. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we must embrace this great commission from our master , at all cost. It is amazing to know that God has chosen us, current believers, to propagate the story of redemption to our generation. We must also emphasise that our mission programs is not only about preaching the gospel, but it also includes helping the poor in all our communities ( through various mission programs), ministering to those in hospitals and prisons, and also to widows and orphans.

The world needs to know that God's limitless love has been made available to all and that the blood of our saviour, Jesus Christ is still redeeming people. As a ministry, we have no choice but to pool our resources together and run with the mission vision.

In Matthew 9:38 Jesus instructed us to pray for more labourers to carry the Gospel to the harvest field for the harvest is plenty. We therefore must not just talk about missions, but WE MUST BE FULLY ENGAGED IN ALL ASPECTS OF MISSIONS.

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Romania 2014

First International Mission


On 14th July 2014, 7 people flew to Bucharest airport forming both PCCI's first ever international mission trip and comprising PCCI’S first ever missions team. The team were based in the City of Ploiesti, Romania, 35 miles north of the capital, Bucharest. Ploiesti has a population of around 210,000 people.

As soon as the team arrived, they began by buying gifts for the many different types of people groups that they would be serving during the mission. These gifts were given out during the mission, when the team visited various orphanages, prisons, nursing homes and ministered to those without homes or with little resources in Ploiesti and the surrounding towns and villages.

The team brought supplies, to bless the people of Ploiesti; which had been raised by the generousity of the PCCI network, churches across the South Wales Valleys and faithful individuals.

As well as these gifts, the team also brought to each place they visited, a message of hope and love, this being the glorious message of Jesus.

The team were able to build relationships with the local people they ministered to and performed songs and dramatic performances in various locations during their time in Romania. The team were amazed by the ministry that their host church (Hope Centre, Ploiesti) undertake in this part of the world on a day to day, week to week, year to year basis. The trip was such an amazing encouragement to both the team that went and to the people that they helped and served alongside. Their time in Romania was an incredible opportunity to serve wonderful people on the front-line of ministry. A second trip is planned to leave for Romania on July 4th 2015


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