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Men of Substance




As Men of Substance, our mission is to encourage all men to realise that the word of God is a sure foundation and we should build our lives and our families upon the word of God.

Our forums focus mainly on integrity, spiritual Growth and evangelism. We seek to raise men of impeccable character in our homes, at our work places and in our communities. Our programs include Breakfast meetings, business and career guidance session and sporting activities.

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Summer Retreat 2018

4th - 7th July 2018

Quinta Hall Christian Centre

Weston, Rhyn, Oswestry, North Shropshire, SY10 7LR

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Women Of Noble Character




To teach women to serve God with all their hearts.

To teach women to submit to their own husbands in love and to respect them according to the teaching in the Bible.

To teach women to realise their potential and their calling in the body of Christ.

To teach women to be a source of encouragement to their husbands and to their children.

To teach women to live a life worthy of their calling and to be exemplary in their communities

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Q. Do I have to complete a New Members Class before I can participate in any Women of Noble Character events?

A. No. WONC activities are for all members of PCCI. All that is needed is registration with the leadership within the local assembly.

Q. How often will we meet?

A. Our goal is to provide local women-focused meetings at least once a month.

Q. When is our next meeting?

A. You may view our calendar of events for upcoming meetings and activities.

Q.: What type of activities will be provided?

A. The activities will be based on your Interest Group. Activities may include Workshops, Group Outings, Shopping, Movies, Bible Study, Prayer Retreats and Guest Speakers with particular areas of expertise.

Q. Can I bring members from other churches?

A. The activities are designed for Women of PCCI so that we can develop relationships within our church body. While we want to receive everyone, we would prefer to keep this fellowship within PCCI at this time.

Q. Can men attend our events?

A. No. The fellowships are designed for women only.

Q. Will a telephone/ mailing list be provided?

A. Yes, this will be put in place very soon, but until then, please check you may obtain contact information from the ladies on your own.

Q. Who is my point of contact?

A. Every assembly has a member of the WONC Leadership team who can inform you of every update and new development taking place on a local and a national level. Our National Chairlady governs all the events, meetings and official aspects of the ministry.

Q. How can I become a WONC Leader?

A. At this time, all PCCI Leaders have been appointed.

Q. Will childcare be provided during regular meetings?

A. No childcare will be provided. Parents are required to make sure their children are properly taken care of and watched over. Sunday school sessions will not be officially ran at these events.

Q. Can I bring my children?

A. Yes, but we ask that you assist us in monitoring this so that your children do not prevent you or others from participating in the Interest Groups.


 Right now, we have no official WONC workshops scheduled but as soon as we do, we will let you know! Stay blessed 


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Youth On Harvest




To teach the youth to serve God with all their hearts.

To teach the youth to be diligent and to be vessels of honour.

To teach the youth to realise their potential and their calling in the body of Christ.

To teach the youth to be missional in their programs.

To teach the youth how to live according to the word of God. Their conduct in society shall be that of an exemplary nature.



Q. What is Youth On Harvest?

A. Youth on Harvest is a church-based youth ministry called to be distinct in a generation where conformity to the social trends is the norm. Youth on Harvest is the PCCI youth ministry for those who will answer the call to be passionate for Christ, living a life that's distinct and driven to reach others in that 13-18yrs age range and introduce them to a relationship with Jesus. A pursuit to not only see young people coming to Christ but living sold out lives that can only be Distinct through Him.

Q. When was it formed?

A. Youth on Harvest was formed in 2004. Ever since, we have been dedicated to building youth from all around the UK, inside and outside the church walls.

Q. How can I join?

A. Joining is very easy, all you would have to do is contact your local assembly Youth Leader and ask for specific meeting times. You will have to be an active member of

Q. How often do you meet?

A. Meetings are held either weekly or fortnightly. These meetings include Bible-based discussions and teaching, structured Bible Study, worship sessions, as well as fun activities and leisure time. We also take the creative arts very seriously and look to develop our youth in the performing arts of music, dance and acting.

Q. What are the age restrictions?

A. There are no strict restrictions, however we prefer to stay within the range of 13-18. Children younger than that should still be part of the Little Heirs ministry. Young adults older than 18 are expected to attend regular Youth on Harvest meetings, but will be separated into the Young Professionals ministry at national events such as Annual Youth Conference [insert link to Distinction:Revolution 2014].

Q. How often do you meet on a national level?

A. Once a year, PCCI Youth on Harvest and PCCI Young Professionals come together to take part in the annual Distinction:Revolution conference. Regular retreats will soon begin within our individual local assemblies, with other assemblies free to join in.

Q. Who are the ministry leaders?

A. Each assembly has a Youth Leadership team consisting of a Youth Leader, Assistant Youth Leader and a local Youth Pastor. These leadership team come under the overall guidance and direction of their local Pastor and the official National Youth Pastor, Pastor Darlington of PCCI Sheffield.



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Creative Arts

Creative Arts



The Creative Arts Ministry is an outlet that allows the members to praise and worship God through artistic forms. Keeping in line with the spirit of Psalms 150 we allow the Holy Spirit to manifest to us through different artistic forms that God has blessed us with

The Creative Arts Ministry consists of the following teams: Worship,  Musicians & Media Teams

Praise & Worship (The Way)



The name ‘Praise Christian Centre’ was coined not only by our visionary through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, but was also confirmed by the various associates he was working with at that time. Praise and worship is at the very centre of the vision of our organisation and as the worship team we have taken that vision upon ourselves and are running with it.

In all our worship sessions our unique blend of popular rhythms within a gospel message are fresh, new and ear- catching and with all the talent we have, it is our purpose to praise God and give room for people from all communities to liken themselves to the church once again and bring glory to the name of the Lord. 

By taking popular and repetitive melody’s and rhythmic patterns alongside the heart piercing and capturing words that are found in God’s word, we are able to take a regular gospel choir out of its comfort zone (within the church walls) and reposition it in the field, where Christ has sent us.

We believe God has called us to the nations, to spread the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus' love for the world through way of music and other creative art forms. We believe Praise and Worship is the tool God has given us to save souls, and bring them to Christ. Amen.




Q. When was The Way formed?

A. The Way was formed in April 2011. We started off as just a small external group but soon became a national team of praise and worship within the PCCI family

Q. Can anyone be a member of The Way?

A. We believe every member of The Way is required to serve at their local assembly in the praise and worship team for a duration of at least 6 months before they can be registered to take part in national events such as Annual Conference, Conventions and Easter Conferences.

Q. How often will we meet?

A. Our goal is to hold national meetings once every month. These meetings involve devoted prayer time, musical rehearsals and worship teaching and workshops.

Q. When is our next meeting?

A. You may view our calendar of events for upcoming meetings and activities.

Q. Can I bring members from other churches to join The Way?

A. The activities are designed for members of PCCI so that we can develop relationships within our church body. While we want to receive everyone, we would prefer to keep this fellowship within PCCI at this time.

Q. Who is my point of contact?

A. Each assembly has their Praise & Worship Leader who liaises with the national Praise & Worship Leader, Sharon Nyarambi. There is a committee formed to meet all the needs and enquiries of anyone who requires it. Information will be made available on our Leadership page.

Q. How can I become a Praise & Worship Leader at my local assembly?

A. At this time, all Group Leaders have been appointed by the Church Leadership.



 The Musicians of Praise Christian Centre International are accomplished musicians or have a gifting or talent with musical instruments. They provide musical accompaniment during services, conferences and other events, with an understanding of the power that music brings to change the atmosphere, especially where worship is involved.  The Musicians team also brings the opportunities to encourage, facilitate and develop musical talent to service God’s Kingdom with a spirit of excellence 



Bringing the service together. Media controls the flow of the service and the succes of a service depends very much on how the media runs the service in a modern church.

Media- Video & camera Ministry


Although its very much part of the media ministry its very much a ministry on its own .